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I have tried right clicking on the file selecting properties and then the permissions tab and setting it to execute. However, when I double click the file it opens in gedit. What do I do?


To run your script by double clicking on its icon, you will need to create a .desktop file for it:

[Desktop Entry]  Name=My script  Comment=Test hello world script  Exec=/home/user/yourscript.sh  Icon=/home/user/youricon.gif  Terminal=false  Type=Application  

Save the above as a file on your Desktop with a .desktop extension. Change /home/user/yourscript.sh and /home/user/youricon.gif to the paths of your script and whichever icon you want it ot have respectively and then you'll be able to launch by double clicking it.

Specifically, for your situation, you need to do:

  1. Create a script that runs mono LOIC.exe. To do so, create a new text file with these contents:

    #!/bin/bash  mono /home/logan/.loic/LOIC.exe  

    Save this as /home/locan/run_loic.sh and then run this command to make it executable (or right click => properties and choose "Allow executing file as program"):

    chmod +x /home/logan/.loic/LOIC.exe  
  2. Create a .desktop file that launches that script. Create a new text file on your Desktop called run_loic.desktop with these contents:

    [Desktop Entry]  Name=Run LOIC  Comment=Run LOIC  Exec=/home/logan/run_loic.sh  Icon=  Terminal=false  Type=Application  


File Manager > Edit > Preferences > Behaviour forExecutable Text Files. In Ubuntu it is set to View Executable Files when they are opened

i prefer set it to "Ask each time" like the previous version of ubuntu.

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