Ubuntu: How to make the nautilus icon open the existing window instead of a new one


For some reason sometimes when I have a nautilus window open, then switch to a different window, when I click on the nautilus icon in the Unity bar, it opens a new nautilus window instead of the existing one. Yes the old window is still there, if I minimize the fullscreen window it reveals both of them, and the nautilus icon has two ticks. I think this question's been asked already, but there's no solutions.


I watched a video and it says that the problem can be solved by NOT clicking on it , instead you just scroll your mouse over the Files icon . It worked for me.


The other solutions didn't helped me. however, this one did.

Edit /usr/share/applications/nautilus.desktop

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/nautilus.desktop  
  • replace Exec=nautilus --new-window %U with Exec=nautilus


In my case I solved doing this:

  • Unlock from Laucher;
  • Press Atl + F1 and search from nautilus, an icon of "Files" will apear, execute it.
  • Lock to Launcher;

Done :D


Similar to William's answer, but this worked for me in 16.04 (the difference is marked with *):

  1. Unlock "Files" icon from Laucher (and close out of all open Files windows)
  2. Search for "Files" in the Dash Home (tap the "Super" key to bring up the browser bar at the top of the screen that says, "Search your computer")
  3. *Drag-and-drop the icon onto the Launcher, then right-click and re-lock to launcher
  4. Enjoy cluster-free Files windows

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