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I tried to install turbo c++ using the methods given on this site but every time I run dos box emulator on my Ubuntu 16.04 after typing mount c ~ then I typed C: and then when I typed cd Turbo C++ (the file name which was in my case) it showed error and said:

try Turbo (sorry space is not included b/w turbo and C)C~1  

and again after typing Turbo C~1 it said

unable to change to: Turbo (sorry space is not included b/w turbo and C)C~1  

Please help me because I am waiting to see the blue screen of turbo C++ and my coding back!


One simple way to reduce confusion would be to use your file manager to rename the folder Turbo C++ to something with 8 or fewer characters, like TURBO. Then open DosBox, mount the C: drive, and you should be able to cd to that directory more easily.


Try using open quote and close quote like this "Turbo C++"

This might be caused by spacing.

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