Ubuntu: how to install rastertospl in my usr/lib/cups/filter?


For installing my Samsung ML -1676 Printer on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS how should I add filter rastertospl on my usr/lib/cups/filter folder?


The directory,to where I downloaded and extracted the linux driver file was /home/myusername/Downloads. After extracting the mydriver.tar.gz file appeared an uld named directory.

This directory contains the install.sh file among others, and three more directories: arm, i386, x86_64. These directories contain the rastertospl files for the different architectures. You should copy one of them depending your architecture as root to /usr/lib/cups/filter directory and that's it.


You can go to the terminal and run :

sudo sh /home/yourusername/WhereverYourArchiveIs/install.sh  

After downloading the drivers from the web, and selecting manually the .ppd file, you can go to the terminal and insert the command said before, just run the sh "install.sh", found at the main folder of the ULD driver folder, as SUDO, and then you can use the printer.

If this doesn't solve your problem, go and copy the "rastertospl" file, which is found at i386 folder (if you are x32 system) or at x86_64 (if you are x64 system), to the location "usr/lib/cups/filter" and then run the command.

That's all.

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