Ubuntu: How to install aircrack-ng latest version


How to install aircrack-ng latest version from terminal in Ubuntu 16.04 ?


Since you are on the 16.04, this version already comes (As of the 13th of August 2016) with the latest version of aircrack-ng. So the only needed way would be a simple:

sudo apt install aircrack-ng  

The version right now is 1.2-0~beta3-4 which corresponds to the latest one on the official Aircrack page.


The one in the repository is already the latest version for Ubuntu 16.04.

Do apt-cache policy aircrack-ng to check the available version. The output should be something similar to:

aircrack-ng:    Installed: (none)    Candidate: 1:1.2-0~beta3-4    Version table:       1:1.2-0~beta3-4 500  

Now, from Aircrack-ng website the link for Debian packages redirects to a develper page and a ftp page where the package version is the same as the one received from the above command.

So, to install the latest package just do:

sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng  

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