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I have recently switched from firefox to google chrome on Ubuntu 16.04. The keyring application is really starting to annoy me. It keeps prompting me for password for no apparent reason. Also google chrome randomly seems to forget passwords for some sites. I would like to completely disable the keyring feature and have it just remember my passwords without me needing to enter another password. I do not care to much about security since this is my personal system that no one else has access to. How can I make chrome remember my passwords without every prompting me with keyring.


For Ubuntu 16.04 Open "Password and Keys" In the view make sure "By Keyring" option is checked Then in the left side, right click on keyring or default keyring whatever it is....and click on unlock It would ask for the password...for me this was the password i set for the first time i installed ubuntu Even if u have changed login password later, enter the password used for the first time...it should work... If it does right click on keyring again and delete it. (It would also delete any passwords it might have saved)


In my Ubuntu MATE, go to Applications > Accessories > Passwords and Keys

You can also load it from shell: seahorse.

Then delete the "default" keyring.

Then reopen Chrome/ium again. It should prompt for password. Enter your password and check "remember". It worked for me.

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