Ubuntu: How to disable the “unlock your keyring” popup?


I read through all the related answers, but they do not apply to Ubuntu 14.04.

I have no .gnome2 folder and no Passwords and Encryption keys item in the system settings. I tried to crawl through every possible menu, but I could not find out how to do it.

The popup usually pops out when I start Chromium.


Fire up "User Accounts", set "automatic login" to "off". At startup you will be asked your user/password only once; popups like "unlock keyring" will never pester you again.


This is for 14.04

  1. Open the password/keyring manager from settings (or run it directly - seahorse)
  2. Ensure Menu > View > By Keyring is ticked.
  3. In the sidebar, under 'passwords' create a new keyring 'Unprotected' (or re-use an existing keyring, e.g. 'Default', but NOT 'Login' because that will make everything unprotected which you probably don't want)
  4. Right-click the new keyring, and 'set as default'
  5. Right-click the new keyring and set its password as empty (only needed if you adopted an existing keyring)
  6. In the 'Login' keyring, delete the network secret for your wifi.
  7. Go to the network manager and add the network again - its secret should appear in the default keyring, which has no password.
  8. Set the default keyring back to Login.


Just remove / turn off your online accounts when not needed. I had the same problem and I solved this by removing my online account.


It started popping up (after every logout) ever since I logged-in with new password.

In my case possword had been changed during my medical leave and once I came back, i changed the new password to my old login password(i remember that easily ). It ended.

I changed my password using

sudo passwd vimal  

gave changed password for sudo, the current login. and then new password (my old password, typed twice)


And it did not come again!


I know this question is rather old, but for me the cause was WiFi networks. The configuration utility for NetworkManager (right-click on nm-applet and choose "Edit Connections...") offers two ways to save a WiFi password - one is to use a keyring and the other is to save it internally. I had switched from using a keyring to saving it internally because I preferred the convenience of the latter method, however the password was still saved in the keyring which then wanted unlocking.



This may work, but will likely cause your system to become insecure. Your passwords will be stored in an unencypted manner, and could be accessed without your knowledge.

Another answer in this question suggests disabling the autologin feature of Ubuntu - this achieves the desired result of preventing the system from asking for a password often, yet maintins a higher level of security.

Start the 'Passwords and Keys' program by opening the dash, and typing passwords.

Then right-click the first choice in the left menu, "Login".

Choose "Change Password".

Enter your current password, then press return (twice) to use a blank password.

The system will give you a warning about storing passwords unencrypted.

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