Ubuntu: How to block Ubuntu from upgrading to a newer version?


So, I have Ubuntu 14.04.2 and when I type the command "sudo apt-get upgrade", it upgrades my Ubuntu to 14.04.3.

I don't want 14.04.3 because it has problems for me such as the infamous login loop and the Ubuntu Software Center saying "Software can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available" (But that's not the question that I'm looking for the answer). I had none of these problems with 14.04.2 and I had to reinstall it everytime I accidentally upgraded it to 14.04.3.

I need to use the "sudo apt-get upgrade" command to upgrade complete the installation of Mesa-11.1.2 and other stuff but I don't want to upgrade my system to 14.04.3.

So, again, my question is, how do I block Ubuntu 14.04.2 from upgrading to 14.04.3 so that I can use the command "sudo apt-get upgrade" without upgrading to 14.04.3?

Thanks in advance!


You could try doing it piece-meal by specifying after upgrade what program you want to upgrade:

sudo apt-get upgrade yourprogram

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