Ubuntu: How to adjust zoom scale in LibreOffice?


When I go into LibreOffice writer and hold up a page to a screen, it is not the same size.

If I change the zoom to 117% they are the same size.

How do I scale the page size (and not the rest of the LibreOffice UI) so that 117% zoom would be shown as 100%?

How I did it: First, I calculated the new DPI: Current DPI/100*Scale, in my case it was 96/100*117=112.32. I then rounded down the resulting number (112). Then I went into the 'Startup Applications' setting and added this command: xrandr --dpi 112. Then I logged out, then went back in again to verify my settings were correct.


You may have to adjust the dpi settings on OS level. There are different approaches how to do this, they are explained in some answers to "How to find and change the screen DPI?".


I don't think that there's a way to do this, but you can set your measurements to mm/cm/inches or others and base your formatting around that.

You can add a vertical ruler by enabling it: settings: -> tools -> options -> LibreOffice Writer -> View -> Vertical ruler

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