Ubuntu: How do I remove all traces that Ubuntu Tweak was ever there? - revised


I have an image hovering in my lock-screen that I can't remove. I think I put it there with Ubuntu-tweak but I have already uninstalled it.

Any ideas on how to remove it?

I really hope this is the only issue it left me with but only time will tell.

edit - more details


I think i might have replaced the "Ubuntu 14.04" logo with Darth lighting a smoke.

A - Reinstalled and set to default, and then uninstalled it again

  • The first part is solved but now it seems like I can't make any changes in my standard appearance settings.

So the new question is how to remove all traces of Ubuntu Tweak?


Open a terminal (Ctl + Alt+T) and type sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-tweak and confirm. This will remove all ubuntu tweak pakages you can also run sudo apt-get autoremove after this to remove all resources for the application.

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