Ubuntu: How do I format a medium as an ISO


I want to know how to format a medium, such as a USB drive, to have a read-only ISO filesystem with the contents from a source (like an .iso file).


You may use 'Disks' in Ubuntu to restore disk image to USB ....
In the top-right menu of 'Disks' there is an option to restore disk image(.iso files) Restore Disk Image option from Gnome Disks tool


Standard ISO files are read-only. From a terminal window use genisoimage to create the .iso file. You will probably have to install genisoimage first.

The command in this example creates a standard ISO 9660 image from the documents found below ~/my-docs/:

shy@ultra:~$ genisoimage -o ~/usbstick.iso ~/my-docs  

Read the genisoimage man pages for the options to create other than the standard ISO 9660 file systems (-J for Joliet, -R for RockRidge, -hfs for HFS+ISO 9660) and the -r option to change access rights (useful when used with other Linux systems).

Also note that Standard ISO only supports the 8.3 file name format and directory structures are restricted to a depth of 6 levels. With the -l and the -D options you can change this up to 31 characters and more than 6 levels.

Other options allow you to set a volume label (-V), to insert a copyright of up to 37 characters (-copyright) or to exclude up to 1000 individual files.

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