Ubuntu: How can I speed up my system? [duplicate]


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I want to speed up my system. How can i use crontab to automate the deletion of unnecessary files and cache ? In what other ways can i speed up my system ? I have disabled most of the startup applications to boot my system faster.


You could consider making hardware improvements, SSDs are a good option.


1.increase the RAM 2.uninstall flash 3.increase swap size while installing os for dual boot 4.keep always updated s/w's and os 5.reduce the display resolution ( it may works some time ) 6.keep less contents in internal HDD 7.put only one os in machine 8.only enter trusted websites (less virus) 9.put high RPM and buffer sized HDD (Spindle speed ex 7200 rpm)


Mount root file system with noatime parameter. It will not update atime stamps when reads files from the file system.

You can add that in /etc/fstab file.

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