Ubuntu: How can I play PokemonGo on Ubuntu?


Ubuntu at the moment has two platforms;

  • Ubuntu (Unity7) 12.04 - 16.04


  • Ubuntu Touch (Unity8) Phone, Tablet, and 16.10+

How does one play PokemonGo on either of these platforms?


Eventually there will be open source clones of Pokémon GO and sometime after that something like Tux GO will be ported to Ubuntu Phone. You can catch a warthog, badger, drake, eft, fawn, gibbon, heron, ibex, jackalope, koala, lynx, meerkat, narwhale, ocelot, pangolin, quetzal, ringtail, salamander, tahr, unicorn, vervet, werewolf and xerus and save it to your Tuxdex.

This project may be delayed due to technical difficulties caused by an insufficient number of animals, however it could be solved by either inventing new animals or by augmenting the Tuxdex with fish and different species of penguins.


You can install the Android SDK which is available here: Android Studio SDK . From there, you'd download the Pokemon GO APK which I cannot provide a link to as I am unsure of the safety/security of any of them, but I'm sure there's plenty you can find after just a quick google search. Install the APK to the Android SDK and you run it. It's pretty much like having a virtual Android Phone on your computer. There is no way to install it natively though.


Pokemon GO cant be played in Ubuntu cause , it is not available for any desktop/laptop operating system , even if you can install it with emulators like genymotion (Android_x86 wont work here). It will not run cause GPS signal will be unavailable.

Again think practically, will anyone walk in the streets with their laptops open? There is a reason this games are only made for phones.

It is still not released for Ubuntu Phone and most probably it will not but dont loose your hopes.

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