Ubuntu: How can I install ubuntu without a any cd or usb drive


I would like to Ubuntu,but I really can't use any disk on my laptop now nor do I have any USB drive right now. So how would I install Ubuntu on my pc without using a CD or USB drive? I tried using these steps

1.Download Unetbootin from here.

2.Run Unetbootin.

3.Now, from the drop-down menu under Type: select Hard Disk.

4.Next select the Diskimage. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the iso file of Ubuntu.

5.Press OK.

6.Next when you reboot, you will get a menu like this

7.Select Unetbootin and you will get the "Try" or "Install" option there.

8.Finally, you can install your version of Ubuntu alongside Windows.

But when I do that, I get this error when I try to run Unetbootin:

"The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors"


If you are using a notebook, chances are that it has a card reader. If that's yur case, follow these instructions:

You could use an SD card from a camera, phone or any other device. Copy the contents of the card to your hard drive so you can recover them later.

We will create a bootable SD Card.

Download Linux Live USB Creator

Once you open Linux live USB Creator (LiLi), choose your SD Card reader from the list at the top.

Then you have to select the installation source: a file from your hard drive (IMG, ZIP, ISO...), a CD/DVD on your CD/DVD drive, or download your favorite distro (yes, all ubuntu flavors are available). If you select "Download", you can select a distro and download either amnually or automatically.

Persistence will let you select whether there will be a persistent drive space for your settings, so they won't be lost when yo reboot your machine (in case you plan to use Ubuntu from your SD Card only). Otherwise, the SD card will be live mode only (no setting or personal file will be saved).

You will also have the option to format the card, hide the files and include VirtualBox so you can run your distro from inside W*nd**s.

When you are ready to create your Live SD card, click the lightning bolt at the bottom left.

No matter whether you choose live mode only or persistent mode; you will always be able to install to hard disk.

Once you have installed Ubuntu, you can format your SD card again and put the original files on it again.


There are possibilities of installing an OS over network, but the machine has to have enough ram to hold the OS , and it's typically in the domain of server computers.

I would suggest that if you don't have an installation media, such as USB or DVD, install Ubuntu in Virtual Machine. The big advantage is that if something goes wrong, and you are very new to Linux, you can just delete the virtual machine , and start over. Disk is safe, your files are safe, everybody happy. VirtualBox is what i personally use and recommend

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