Ubuntu: How can I install MS Office 2013 on my ubuntu 16.04 laptop? [duplicate]


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I am trying to install MS Office 2013 on my ubuntu 16.04 laptop. I have been searching all over the web and haven't found anything useful. Please help!


WPS Office looks just like MS Office. And it works fine in Ubuntu.

Get the deb package from here: http://wps-community.org/. Then open a Terminal window and type: sudo apt-get install gdebi. After gdebi is installed, close the Terminal, right-click on wps office deb file and choose open with gdebi. Wait for the installation to finish and that's it. And yes, it is free for linux, despite of what some 'wiseshots' may think.


You can't. MS Office only runs on Windows.

You could try running it on WINE, but no guarantees.

WINE stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator
It is a compatibility layer that allows running Win32 apps on Linux.

However, it is FAR from perfect. Many applications will will simply crash during install or on launch.

You can install wine with:

sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install wine  

Then you can try installing office by double-clicking the setup EXE.

It will probably crash during install.

An alternative is Office Online.


Contrary to what answers here say, you cannot get anything above Office 2010 to run. (Information from personal experience and research a few months ago, so something may have changed.)

It just requires too much for WINE (PlayOnLinux is just a wrapper for WINE) to handle, and will crash before launch.

Like others have suggested, you can use Office Online, but that doesn't work if you use an offline key. Your only options in this are either using 2010 or trying out Open Office or Libre Office.

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