Ubuntu: How can I change the language from UK to US?


My keyboard layout is UK, so I must keep the UK layout. How can I change the system language (including dictionaries in browsers, libreoffice, etc) to US English?

I tried to change it from Language support, but English (US) is not active to be selected.

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Open settings and select Region & Language.

Click the "Language" section. Mine is UK as well.

Select the language you want:

Click Done. You will have to log out and then log in again for the changes to take effect. You can click the "Restart Session" to do this:

When you log in, you may have to set your keyboard back to UK - but probably not. If you do have to, the changes should be persistent from then on.


Go to: System Setting -> Language Support . Select prefered language there and select also an option "Apply system wide"

Other option is to open the enviroments file in /etc/ directory. Run a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and write:

sudo gedit /etc/default/locale

Change the entries there to "en_US.UTF-8". The change will be seen only after Log Out -> Log In.

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