Ubuntu: How can a GMail file attachment of “unknown” file type be downloaded in Ubuntu Touch?


How can an e-mail attachment of arbitrary file type be downloaded in Ubuntu Touch? I have a file (say .dat, or something the system doesn't recognise) that is an attachment to an e-mail opened in the default GMail application on Ubuntu Touch 15.04 OTA-11. When I select the attachment, I am presented with the message "Sorry, there aren't currently any apps installed that can handle this type of content."

Given that I want to download the file as opposed to open it and given that wget or similar is not an option because of authentication limitations, how can this attachment be downloaded?


Sign in to your gmail account from the browser app (instead of gmail webapp or Dekko), you'll see an option to simply download the file (along with opening with another app).

There is a feature request at Launchpad to include an option to download arbitrary file types from the webapps.

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