Ubuntu: GNOME Terminal > load-config > does not work properly after upgrade to 16.04


That command below worked fine on Ubuntu 14.04. After upgrade to 16.04 it does not work anymore. It opens a terminal window with 4 tabs.


#!/bin/bash  gnome-terminal --load-config=terminal-config.cfg &>/dev/null &  


#Written by GNOME Terminal 3.6.2    [GNOME Terminal Configuration]  Version=1  CompatVersion=1  Windows=Window0;    [Window0]  MenubarVisible=true  Role=gnome-terminal-window-6355-887453268-1466588933  ActiveTerminal=Terminal0xed4f70  Geometry=135x24+437+495  Terminals=Terminal0xe04970;Terminal0xc1f520;Terminal0xe4f060    [Terminal0xe04970]  ProfileID=Default  Title=am.example.com  WorkingDirectory=/home/.../servers/apache-tomcat-am/bin  Zoom=1  Width=135  Height=24    [Terminal0xc1f520]  ProfileID=Default  Title=web.example.com  WorkingDirectory=/home/.../servers/apache-tomcat-web/bin  Zoom=1  Width=135  Height=24    [Terminal0xe4f060]  ProfileID=Default  Title=middleware.example.com  WorkingDirectory=/home/.../servers/payara-middleware/bin  Zoom=1  Width=135  Height=24    [Terminal0xed4f70]  ProfileID=Default  Title=api.example.com  WorkingDirectory=/home/.../servers/glassfish-api/bin  Zoom=1  Width=135  Height=24  

At first I got a "Error creating terminal: "Default" is not a valid UUID" error. I fixed it so that I put a real uuid to ProfileIDs.

Next error what I got was "Error creating terminal: No profile with UUID "e4661004-d5fd-4d17-9a9d-8e419b6b8330" exists". I fixed it so that I changed the value of Terminals in [Window0] to the ProfileIDs.

Next problem: Title and WorkingDirectory properties are not applied and i just realized that the "rename tab" menu is disappeared from the menu.

GNOME Terminal


A terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop

Using VTE version 0.42.5 +GNUTLS

Could you please help me to fix this issue?


gnome-terminal --save-config=~/temp/xyz.cfg says that Option "--save-config" is no longer supported in this version of gnome-terminal.

What is that? What is is the alternative way to do the same with the new version of gnome-terminal? I have not found any useful about this topic on the internet :(


Same issue.

On my computer the command line parameter --tab-with-profile accepted value "Default", while --load_config did not (check tag <entry name="visible_name"> in the file ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/Default/%gconf.xml or use GUI profile settings).

So I have transformed important values from the config file to command line parameters. You can use following code for your setup:

gnome-terminal --geometry="135x24+437+495" \              --tab-with-profile="Default" --working-directory="/home/.../servers/apache-tomcat-am/bin" \              --tab-with-profile="Default" --working-directory="/home/.../servers/apache-tomcat-web/bin" \              --tab-with-profile="Default" --working-directory="/home/.../servers/payara-middleware/bin" \              --tab-with-profile="Default" --working-directory="/home/.../servers/glassfish-api/bin"  

Unfortunately I haven't found how to set tab titles this way.

But there are sweets in the end. You can use --command for each tab and run e.g. mc. This was impossible with config file.


I've got same issue. Partly fix is to comment all lines where


...it provides load all your tabs from configuration saved before. But tab name issue should be fixed (I've checked --help & --help-all - have not found correct property for tab title)

Other way to have hot fix is to replace ProfileID name value with id value. Id value can be checked in Edit->Profile parameters->General->profile ID.

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