Ubuntu: Get the list of installed packages with install time, date and vendor details with dpkg-query command


I am trying to get package name with version, splitted package and version, vendor of that package, install time and date using:

dpkg-query -W -f='${Package}-${version} ${package} ${version} ${Maintainer} ${installtime}\n'  

But I got package name with version, splitted package and version, vendor of that package. I was not able to retrieve install time and date.

How can I get package install time and date with the above query?


dpkg-query does not have any field option to show date/time of installation. The other way of saying this is that dpkg does not store this information. Under the hood, dpkg-query uses various files in /var/lib/dpkg/ to get the information.

Here are the available field names:

Architecture  Bugs  Conffiles (internal)  Config-Version (internal)  Conflicts  Breaks  Depends  Description  Enhances  Essential  Filename (internal, front-end related)  Homepage  Installed-Size  MD5sum (internal, front-end related)  MSDOS-Filename (internal, front-end related)  Maintainer  Origin  Package  Pre-Depends  Priority  Provides  Recommends  Replaces  Revision (obsolete)  Section  Size (internal, front-end related)  Source  Status (internal)  Suggests  Tag (usually not in .deb but in repository Packages files)  Triggers-Awaited (internal)  Triggers-Pending (internal)  Version  

And some virtual fields too:

binary:Package  binary:Summary  db:Status-Abbrev  source:Package  source:Version  

Check man dpkg-query to get a broader idea.

Note that, you can look at /var/log/dpkg.log* for the installation date/time of packages. Also note that, if your package is installed by apt-get (or brothers), you can look at the apt history files, /var/log/apt/history.log*, too.

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