Ubuntu: gedit-latex-plugin not working correctly


I've installed the gedit-latex-plugin on my machine running 15.10.

When I enable the plugin, it shows the markup colouring in .tex files, but the menu option New LaTeX Document... doesn't appear, and neither do the additional menubar buttons, sidebar panels, or the menu options related to LaTeX documents, such as Build, etc.

The installed version of gedit is 3.10.4, plugin version 3.8.0-3build1.

I have the same plugin installed on a machine running 14.04 LTS, and the plugin works fine. That machine is also running gedit 3.10.4, however the plugin version is 3.8.0-1, which looks correct according to the Launchpad page, but conspicuously differs from 15.10.

Note that on both machines, the plugin was installed using sudo apt-get install gedit-latex-plugin.


Found that this is a known bug. See here.

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