Ubuntu: Extend Ubuntu partition dual booting with Windows 10


I have a Microsoft Surface Book with DGPU and I am new to Ubuntu.

I'm dual booting Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10 Pro. I need to make the partition for Ubuntu bigger, because I made it only 30 GB. There is also a swap drive of 7GB -- should I reclaim that memory and if so, How do I?

My attempts thus far:

  1. Use Ubuntu live cd 14.04 (and 15.10), "Try Ubuntu", run gparted. This does not work, gparted will only show me the partition of the USB drive its running on. There is a pull down menu on the right that makes it seem as if you can select other drives, but it only lists the usb drive. When I run sudo fdisk -l, I can see all the partitions, so I don't know why gparted doesn't list them all.

  2. Use gparted live usb: First, this would not even load, and then I figured out I have to turn Secure boot off completely. When it does finally load I select one of the 5 options, but nothing happens. The program just hangs.

I have scoured the internet but can't find any help.

My last ditch options are two:

  1. Re-install Ubuntu and correctly assign it a bigger partiton : annoying but doable.

  2. In windows, shrink my C volume, and extend the ubuntu partition. From my countless google searches this is supposedly inadvisable.

Can I solve this issue?

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