Ubuntu: E:unable to locate package libgnome-desktop-2-17:i386


I am trying to install IBM Notes 9.0 on Ub16.04-64Bit(Xenial) and thus was trying to install some deprecated packages using command -

sudo apt-get install libgnome-desktop-2-17:i386.  

It throws me the message

E:unable to locate package libgnome-desktop-2-17:i386  

Please suggest me how to install this package on Ub16.04-64Bit.

IBM Notes 9.0 facing pre-dependency problem with

  • libgnome-desktop-2
  • libgnome-desktop-2-7
  • libgnome-desktop-2-11
  • libgnome-desktop-2-17
  • libgnome-desktop-3-2


You can find Ubuntu packages from previous releases here:


You may also need to install gdebi, so that you can install any .deb files you download from the site, easily.

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