Ubuntu: Errors using Conda


When try to update Cython from Conda using conda install -c anaconda cython=0.24 I get the following error:

Error: Missing write permissions in: /home/user/anaconda3  #  # You don't appear to have the necessary permissions to install packages  # into the install area '/home/user/anaconda3'.  # However you can clone this environment into your home directory and  # then make changes to it.  # This may be done using the command:  #  # $ conda create -n my_root --clone=/home/user/anaconda3  

And when I try sudo conda install -c anaconda cython=0.24 I get a sudo: conda: command not found error.


I just changed the user from root to user for /home/user/anaconda3 and things are working.

This command wont work sudo conda install -c anaconda cython=0.24 as sudo conda is not a valid command . One should ensure that anaconda has correct user and permission when it is installed.

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