Ubuntu: Error while trying to dual boot Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10


Being specific, When I was trying to install Ubuntu 15.10, my other operating system remains undetected. "Multiple OS detected" But still it wont let me dual boot my Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Please help.


I just tried to go over it myself and was able to dual both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10 by the following method :

In Windows 10, Open up partition manager and dislocate some space out of your windows partition for Ubuntu(don't really write anything). Then boot into Ubuntu 15.10 installation and click

do something else

After that select the space you just cleared up and format it as EXT4(Linux file-system). It will peacefully install. PEACE!


Man I wish I had done that instead of installing from DVD. If only I had known that the first splash screen indicated I was installing in Legacy mode!

Point being, yes with Legacy mode enabled in BIOS I do still get the grub menu, and shows Windows 10 as a selection, I do get an error and can only alt/ctr/del to restart. Disabling Legacy boots into Windows 10 like normal. So if I just leave it in legacy mode it waits at the grub for 30 seconds then boots Ubuntu successfully - and it works great by the way!

It's actually fine this way, though a bit weird - I still don't really understand the folder layouts and which is what between the two systems. I learned on BASIC and still the unknowing of simple commands is unnerving. Much love to the troopers answering our silly questions :)

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