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I have a SSD in my laptop, only a small one 128GB. Its also encrypted. I am running out of space, used something like 99.1% of space.

When I try to check the disk usage I can only see the encrypted folders. How do I find what is using what?

Any suggestions?

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That /home/.ecryptfs/username folder holds the encrypted contents of your (username's) home, you should be able to see the decrypted contents at /home/username or just ~ (if it's being decrypted successfully when you login).

I think running du -sh ~ and du -sh /home/.ecryptfs/username/ should show similar sizes.

Deleting files in your (mounted) home should delete the corresponding encrypted files in /home/.ecryptfs/username so you'll essentially free twice as much space when deleting files in your home.


You need to mount the encrypted directory (either by logging in with the user account owning it or with ecryptfs-mount-private) and run Disk Usage on the mount point. Then you will see the file names.

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