Ubuntu: Dump SVN repository via SSH - because of space limitations


I'm trying to cleanup space on my server so I don't have to pay outrageous hosting fees. My SVN repo is 16G so I'm going to pull that and put it on my local machine. I'm currently at 66% space on my server and backing up my repo puts me over 100% which kills the svn dump. Can I perform a backup over SSH to my local machine?

The Dump Command

$ sudo svnadmin dump /var/repo > repo.svn_dump  

SSH Dump Attempt from local machine - failed

$ sudo svnadmin dump http://jackson@xxxxx.com/var/repo > repo.svn_dump  svnadmin: E205000: 'http://jackson@xxxxx.com/var/repo' is a URL when it should be a local path  



$ ./svnrdump dump http://jackson@xxxxx.com/var/repo > ~/repo.svn_dump  


  • I ran this local from my machine (osx 10.11.4)
  • I had to chase down the mac specific install of svnrdump which is installed with Xcode Command Line Tools
  • Find out how to do this here
  • If you're on Linux this process is likely a lot easier..


It looks like recent versions of SVN provide an svnrdump utility that is designed for exactly this purpose. From the Repository Maintenance section of the Red Book

The svnrdump program is, to put it simply, essentially just network-aware flavors of the svnadmin dump and svnadmin load subcommands, rolled up into a separate program.

Basic usage would be something like

svnrdump dump http://jackson@xxxxx.com/var/repo > repo.svn_dump  

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