Ubuntu: Disable compositing completely ubuntu 16.04


I have a clean install of ubuntu 16.04.1. I would like to disable compositing completely. I need to run ABAQUS, and the graphics window becomes transparent if compositing is enabled. Previously I used to run Kubuntu, and if compositing is disabled then ABAQUS GUI will not be transparent.

In 16.04 the ubuntu-2d is not there anymore! I have installed ccsm and tried to disable compositing in the "compiz" section, but that also removed all window decorations.

My goal is to run ABAQUS GUI (not particularly the unity-2D). "abaqus cae -mesa" did not help BTW. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks, Kodanda


Apparently unity-2D is discontinued in ubuntu 16.04. Thus lxde is the next slim option to have a session without compositing enabled.

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