Ubuntu: Dell Latitude D830 DVD Drive Not Recognized


Unlike some people who have issues with the video or WiFi drivers, I suffer from not being able to use the DVD drive on this laptop. Upon POST, the BIOS sees it and I am able to open the tray as well; however, once the system starts to load up Ubuntu or other distros (Debian and Linux Mint), I lose all functionality. Plus, I don't see it listed as a device in the OS. I've poured over the internet the past few days trying to see if anyone else has the issue, or did and found a solution but sadly, nothing anywhere so far. So, I thought I would ask the community here and see what you all think. Worse case scenario, I have some dead weight to a nice little machine. Thanks!

PS I honestly think Linux doesn't like the IDE interface the disc drive has.


Sadly, this is apparently a known problem from long ago. The author of this article suggests that you best bet is to get an external USB drive. There was some support at Dell for a version of RedHat, but these are so old they will be useless.


Alright, so the suggestion alexander255 gave worked. I had the TSST-TS-L632H-SLIM-8X-DVD drive on my D830 which I have the firmware update linked here:


I used the DOS based updater with my bootable DOS USB drive and it was quick and painless. Thanks again for the help, now I have an old Dell D830 working at 100% on Linux. Off to work on the D810 I just got...

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