Ubuntu: Correct password cannot be authenticated to run Synaptic Package Manager GUI [duplicate]


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I cannot access my synaptic package manager(in GUI) due to authentication error. Even though I enter the correct user password, it always say that "Your authentication attempt was unsuccessful. Please try again."

I also configured the sudoers file and add/edit my user priveleges:

maximus ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL  

below the root priveleges.

Is there any other way to access or any other configurations to access it in GUI?


I solved it!.. I change the one that launches the synaptic by replacing

Exec = synaptic-pkexec

in usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop

pkexec is the one that manages authentication when you open synaptic(that is the flaw) which it doesn't authenticate you even though your root password is correct. I replace it to

gksu synaptic %u  

then, save it.(You must have a gconf-editor and gksu installed.)

After that, I press alt+ F2 then I type there "gconf-editor" and then I go to apps>gksu and then mark the sudo-mode.

If pkexec gives you trouble launching synaptic in GUI, better try to change its launcher to gksu. That will do.

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