Ubuntu: Configuring Intel Ironlake to run WoW's OpenGL | Wine1.7


My current problem is encountering a "Memory could not be read/recognized" something along the lines of that when trying to Start WoW in OpenGL mode. I am aware that Direct3D is possible, and will run, but it has issues. I was really shooting for getting OpenGL to work when I wiped my drive for Ubuntu.

Currently running Ubuntu 14.04 (15 was not stable for me...perhaps I'll update later and try again).

Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz × 4

I have found nothing on searches in various forums and Google.

Intel® Ironlake Mobile Graphics

3.7 GiB Memory

Edit: This is apparently able to be done, but hasn't been implement by Intel yet. See article here.


Unfortunately the Ironlake series do not support OpenGL versions later than 2.1. This is also true in Windows AFAIK. I suspect that's your problem, and there are no other drivers. Intel doesn't do binary drivers.

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