Ubuntu: Changing password from US Keyboard to Norwegian Keyboard


I just did a test install on my computer with Ubuntu 16.10. I encrypted the drive with a yubikey static key, and finished the installation with norwegian keyboard settings.

On initial launch after installation the key/passphrase did not match. I found a thread telling me to install using US Keyboard, and then change keyboard layout once inside ubuntu. I did, and the passphrase now works.

Now, the password i used for my user includes a &, witch on a norwegian keyboard is Shift + 6. On a US keyboard thats the ^. This is all well and good, knowing this I logged in and changed the keyboard layout.

Now I'm trying to change the password for my user, typing the password with ^ and trying to change it to &. I used sudo passwd in the terminal, and it returned successful. But the password has not changed - the ^ is still needed to log in and do sudo commands.

Any idea why this is happening?


To change your password, do not use the sudo with the command. Simply use passwd and change the password. This should solve your problem. Another way would be the following command.

sudo passwd USERNAME  

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