Ubuntu: Can't see “Install alongside Windows” option


I am new to Ubuntu and very confused. I have installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 onto a USB flashdrive and tried it from that. I must say I like what I saw BUT I have a few initial questions. First is that when I run install (to install it on my laptop, a Spanish Compaq CQ57) where I expect to see a window giving me a choice of 'Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7', 'Replace Windows 7 with Ubuntu' or 'Something else' there is a different window which doesn't have the 'Install alongside' option. Which option in this window should I select if I want to install alongside Windows 7? And then what do I do?

Secondly, the keyboard on my laptop doesn't have a number pad and it seems as though none of the numerous configurations available are compatible with my machine. I have seen lots of advice on forums but most seem to be beyond the scope of a non-techie, wary novice like me.

I would really like to move away from Windows (I have tried and don't like Windows 10, although I have quite happily used 7 for several years) but I am beginning to wonder if Ubuntu is beyond me and if I should give up and stick to Windows.

Thanks for any help you can give


You only get to see the "install alongside" if there is place to create a system alongside what is currently there. So ... use your favorite partitioning tool to create "unallocated space" (for Ubuntu 25Gb or more) and it will show up.

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