Ubuntu: Can't open Chrome as default browser from terminal


I'm trying to use the answers from this question, but all fail by either doing nothing, or giving me this error:

Aborted (core dumped)

I'm on 14.04 Trusty Tahr using Google Chrome as my default browser - which is no doubt the problem somehow, because when I set Chromium as my default browser, then Chromium opens just fine. But what's the work around? Or how can I look at the "dumped core" to get more information?

Here's what I've tried:

jeff $ sensible-browser  Aborted (core dumped)  jeff $ sensible-browser http://example.org  Aborted (core dumped)  jeff $ x-www-browser http://example.org  Aborted (core dumped)  jeff $ gnome-open http://example.org  jeff $ xdg-open http://example.org  jeff $ xdg-open 'http://example.org' >/dev/null  


I would guess that either the configuration (in ~/.config/chromium/ ) or the cache ( ~/.cache/chromium/ ) from your Chromium installation is confusing Google Chrome. Perhaps back up these directories, remove them and try starting Google Chrome again.

If this fails you could try with strace: strace -f -v -s 1024 sensible-browser. It will print a ton of information and if you are lucky the error (can't open a file, messed up permissions, etc) would be close to the bottom. You will need some basic knowledge of C though.

Looking at the "dumped core" requires advanced programming knowledge and access to the source code. If you haven't done that before I will advice you not to go down that rabbit hole.

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