Ubuntu: Bluetooth audio sink [sic] refuses to connect in Ubuntu 14.04 (bluez, blueman)


Bluetooth just absolutely refuses to connect to any audio sinks. I've tried with two separate speakers that I can pair with just fine on iOS, yet when I try, I get this error in blueman:

Connection Failed: DBusFailedError: Protocol not available...

It doesn't even show up in pulseaudio (probably because I can't connect).

I've googled and come across tons of "solutions" that never work. I've honestly tried so many, I forget what I've even tried.

This is important to me because I set up Ubuntu for the purpose of having a HTPC, yet it's lacking functionality to connect with Bluetooth speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


In my case, this was solved by using these two commands:

pactl load-module module-bluetooth-policy   pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover  


Try this:

sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

pulseaudio -k

pulseaudio --start

Then go to the audio manager, and make sure the program that's generating audio has the Bluetooth "sink" as output.

Reference link - https://github.com/blueman-project/blueman/issues/304

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