Ubuntu: automatic login without displaying the prompt for username and password in Chrome


I am on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. I wish to program a script that opens a browser window but bypasses the prompt for username and password and uses the already stored username and password to login automatically on the webpage.

I have been reading there should be something about some Chrome flags like

--auth-server-whitelist="MYIISSERVER.DOMAIN.COM" --auth-negotiate-delegatewhitelist="MYIISSERVER.DOMAIN.COM" --auth-schemes="digest,ntlm,negotiate"  


but is not working in any configuration of the command (of course for my URL) I have tried.

Could you give me a solution?

The following piece of code did not work:

google-chrome http://servername.xyz.de/start.html  --auth-server-whitelist="*xyz.de*"  

Thank you.

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