Ubuntu: Asking remotely a computer to wake another via WOL [closed]


I understand Wake-on-LAN cannot work if you're trying to wake a computer from outside the network, however, on a very far observatory, there's this server running on Ubuntu 10.10 shutting off automatically on bad weather, so we want to wake it remotely over the WAN.

There are lots of computers there which I can connect via ssh, and are also on the same network as aforementioned server.

My question is, How can I ask one of those computers to send a WoL command to server that is down?



  1. Hike up to the remote observatory and turn on the Wake-On-Lan in the BIOS or on the NIC card if needed. write down the MAC address.
  2. SSH into any other machine and type:

    sudo apt-get install wakeonlan  wol MA:CA:DD:RE:SS  

    where MA:CA:DD:RE:SS is the MAC address of your server.

Done! ;-)

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