Ubuntu: Alternative for the 'system settings' application?


Is there a "good" alternative application for the system settings application that comes with Ubuntu?

I mean I know that KDE and gnome come with their alternatives, but I would like to have one without having to install full KDE or gnome or too many background libraries.

Basically I need something to use with i3wm. Until 15.10 system-settings worked fine in i3wm but in 16.04 system settings display only 3 items.

Is there at least a way to install kde system settings without installing KDE as a dependency?

When launching unity-control-center with gksudo I get all the icons, but I don't get any sound devices. The terminal displays this error when I enter the sound menu: (unity-control-center:15613): sound-cc-panel-WARNING **: Unable to find stream for bar '(null)' eoSink'


Running sudo unity-control-center seems to show all icons.

There is a problem with this, though: no devices are listed in the Sound settings.

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