Ubuntu: Add search engine to web browser in Ubuntu Touch


In Ubuntu Touch's web browser, I'd like to use a search engine that is not listed in the choice in settings section. Is there a way to add it?


You can add custom search engine definitions in the form of OpenSearch XML files. Just drop those custom definitions in ~/.local/share/webbrowser-app/searchengines/, you should then be able to use your favourite search engine from within the browser.

As an example, if your favourite search engine is startpage.com, you can just download this file and save it as ~/.local/share/webbrowser-app/searchengines/startpage.xml.


From looking at the Browser > Settings > Search Engine screen, I too cannot see a way to add one that is not in the list. It looks like you can only select the pre-defined list. I would raise this in Launchpad if I was you, to get it addressed. However, for now you could add the required search engine as a favourite or even as your home screen, until a more viable resolution is provided.

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