Ubuntu: Add account on STACKAPPLET still broken?


I have installed StackApplet 1.5.2 with PPA and python-appindicator. But Still as mentioned in previous it is not working!

Am I missing something?

enter image description here
enter image description here


The problem still resides in the code as I am writing this. A quick check shows the core of the problem you (and I) are experiencing: stackapplet is failing to authorize via the following URL:

http://stackauth.com/1.0/sites?key=_qlxmEAOH06hLA1_FsZIGQ&jsonp=jQuery1 … 4&_=1 …  

The call results in a 404 - Not Found.

Until @nathan-osman (the author) fixes this, or someone else steps in to do the job, there is little hope in being able to use StackApplet.

For informational purposes, here’s a screenshot showing the 404…

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