Ubuntu: Activate first window on given screen shortcut


I'm working on three screens, and I have IDE opened on the right screen and browser on the left screen. While typing in IDE I'd like to move with one shortcut to first app opened on the left screen, for example:

  • ctrl + 1 activates first window at the top of left screen (browser)
  • ctrl + 2 activates first window in the middle screen (and so on)

By activates I mean 'focus', so I can use shortcuts on the app (most of the time now I need just to click on that window with mouse).

I can do the same with alt + tab, but with 10 apps opened at the same time its too slow, and when I have 2-3 instances of IDE on the right, alt tab sometimes opens not the one at the top.

Is there some magical shortcut or app that allows for such context switching in Ubuntu 14.0?

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