Ubuntu: 15.04 Issue booting


I'm having some boot problems. I'm typing this on my iPad, so I'll have to post links instead of inserting images.

As you can see here, I can't boot:

enter image description here

I'm unsure as to whether there's an issue mounting the root device, or if there's an issue with the uuid. I've checked via a bootable USB my grub.cfg file, and from what I can tell, the uuid's match up fine:

enter image description here

I should probably note that my bootable USB can't boot into a graphical mode, but I can login via tty1, which is how I got that above screenshot. Where do I go from here? Thanks.

Also, the only thing I did before shutting down that could relate is I installed grub to a USB using a program caller MultiSystem. It's one of those bootable USB programs.

blkid shows the same uuid too, so I'm guessing that isn't the issue.

Specs: Ubuntu 15.04 | i5-4210u | Integrated GPU | 8GB RAM | 1tb HDD

USB contains ubuntu 15.10.

I can mount my HDD just fine when booting from the USB (in terminal).

Edit: Have updated grub and that hasn't worked.

Edit: I fixed it using boot-repair. Would definitely recommend using this tool to repair any boot problems before trying anything else (and of course, back up first... it has a feature built in to it... use it!)

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