Ubuntu: Wireless is not working on my lenovo E4430 having ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Realtek 8723BE802.11n PCI wireless). There is no icon to enable wireless


Initially wireless was working in my lenovo E4430 having Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. When I updated Ubuntu 12.04 in root, wireless stopped working. Now Realtek 8723BE 802.11n PCI wireless driver is not activated while earlier it was activated and was in use. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS again and again but no use. I tried but could not find Realtek 8723BE 802.11n PCI wireless driver for Ubuntu 12.04 on the Internet. Please suggest me what should I do?


Yes, I know this problem at another Lenovo. The small radio-card under a cover at the backside was "dead". It was cheaper to use a Wifi-dongle on a USB-port than to buy a new Wifi-card. Ubuntu works fine with it.

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