Ubuntu: Windows10 boot option lost after installing ubuntu 15.04 and try boot repair


I installed ubuntu 15.04 alongside windows 10 on laptop lenovo E440, but I can't enter to windows 10. And I launched boot-repair but now there is no windows 10 boot option. Else, I tried access from UEFI windows boot manager but the result still the same. Here log from boot-repair http://paste.ubuntu.com/12693158/ Have any suggestion? Thank you


Well, your Windows bootloader seems to have been renamed to bootmgfw2.efi. Rename it back, then run

sudo update-grub  

and see if you get a Windows boot menu item. Try it. Try turning off secure boot. Try the efi boot menu (some function key at power-on, like f12, or f10) and select the Windows option.

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