Ubuntu: WIndows XP desktop, CD drive and no USB boot option


I have a Dell 2400 Inspiron system with a CD drive. Lately its become sluggish in operation and I decided to load Kubuntu on it. But I have run into a roadblock. My machine doesn't have the USB flash boot option (checked the bios option and not possible) and I am not able to burn a CD with the ISO image as its size is smaller than what the boot image requires. How do I get Kubuntu on my desktop ?Is there any other way ? thanks.


Yes there is a way and i've used it before, You will need a cd, but the size doesn't matter. There are many other ways. You can use Plop: http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html to install it you burn the iso. Then boot of it, and select usb to boot of your usb with ubuntu on it.

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