Ubuntu: Windows 7 not booting after installing Ubuntu 14.04


When I choose windows 7 item in GRUB menu system is restarting and landing me again in grub menu.

Here is my Boot info.


This is very strange, for I had Win 7pro 64bit before and I installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 paralell to it. When I rebooted the PC asked me which System I want to run. Did u perhaps Format u HDD before ? If so then I suggest to reload Win 7 and then load Ubuntu 14.04.1 parall to it in the Workstation ( Arbeitsplatz ). It will ask u in the Instalmenu, how much HDD Space u want to save for Ubuntu. I doubt that this is the answer u wanted, but thatÅ› how I did it. So what do u have to loose, just try it ;-) I hope this will work for u, good luck !!! Just one last tipp, keep ubuntu 14.04.1 lts, don't update to 14.10 !!!


There might be a problem with your grub file.

Please try the following:

  1. Install grub-customizer sudo apt-get install grub-customizer
  2. Execute it (requires admin rights). grub-customizer
  3. Navigate to the General Settings tab, and look for a category named Visibility.
  4. Make sure all entries are ticked.

Also, check in the tab List Configuration to see if your Windows Installation is listed. If not, you might need to boot from a Live CD and use boot-repair.

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