Ubuntu: Will 14.04 be able to run on an Intel I5 Haswell Processor (Nvidia 750ti, and 8gb of ram)?


  • Asrock Fatal1ty z97x killer -
  • Intel Core i5 4690k -
  • nvidia 750ti -
  • Adata 8GB 1600Mhz -

I have read online, there are people who have problem with some Haswell processors, Nvidia video cards, and I cant find any information whether or not does Ubuntu support it.

And thanks in advance for those who help me.


For pre-built systems Ubuntu has a Certification Program. For custom-built systems, there really isn't a foolproof way to check other than installing it and seeing if it works. That being said, Ubuntu works out of the box with no extra work required on probably 80% of systems I've installed it on.

For best performance in applications requiring 3D hardware acceleration (i.e. gaming) using nVidia cards it is a good idea to install the official closed-source nVidia drivers as described here. The default in Ubuntu are the open source nouveau drivers, which while perfectly fine for general work, only provide 2D acceleration and thus are not adequate for recent computer games.

If you have a card with nVidia Optimus (aka Hybrid Graphics), this can lead to some problems, but most people find bumblebee to be a good solution.

If you encounter any problems while using "Try Ubuntu" from Live Media or after installation, come back and search for/ask another question. Welcome to Ubuntu!


maybe you want to use a usb-stick (or cd) to test ubuntu out. then you can look if everything runs. hope this works. just get ubuntu on usb or cd and boot from there. then you have the option to try ubuntu without installing anything. (pretty new with ubuntu too).

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