Ubuntu: Wifi wont connect at start


So I am sure it's a simple fix but I couldn't find anything on the forums or Google.

Pretty much when I boot up it wont connect to my wifi. I have to disable Wi-Fi then enable it for it to connect. So, Is there a way around this or a fix for it as repeating this constantly gets tedious. If you need any info, I'm fairly new to this so could you also explain how to get it!

Thanks ahead of time.


Can you just click "connect"? Sometimes it helps to set a connection as "system connection", it can connect automatically then.


You could set up a .sh script to have this in it:

nmcli nm wifi off  nmcli nm wifi on  

Then using this:

start on startup  task  exec /path/to/command  

Save this in a .conf file in ~/.config/upstart

To automatically start-up the script on start up!

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