Ubuntu: Why Windows 8 is a lot faster than Ubuntu 13.10 on the same laptop? [closed]


I am not a Windows fan. I don't like Windows. But, for my curiosity, I temporally installed Windows 8 on my machine (a Samsung NP300, Intel Core i3, 4GB Memory).

I observed that it's a lot faster than Ubuntu: boot time, application start and so on.

Why is this happening? Is there any solution to make Ubuntu faster?


Windows 8 usually don't turn off the PC. It does some kind of hibernate shutdown.

And the about app starting, I'm also amazed about the launching speed of Windows 8. I think they load your popular apps in background.


There are a multitude of possible reasons, but in my experience Windows 8 tends boot a little faster, and load programs a little faster.

Boot time: By default pre-installed versions of Windows 8 on laptops have fast-boot enabled. This means your Laptop never shuts off even if you click shutdown your laptop is still on, and drawing precious battery life. It's just using a special low low power hibernation. The idea is to make Windows appear to boot more quickly, when it actually never turned off. Windows 8 actually boots quite slow. Compare it to XP's boot times and see what I mean. That said Ubuntu has never been a quick to boot operating system especially now that it has Unity. The server edition is pretty good, but that's because it has no gui.

Application start time: It's kind of unfair to compare different programs. The startup time of a program depends on it's memory demands. Before data can be loaded into the memory it must be copied from the drive so size comes into play, and both operating systems use different filesystems.

Things to keep in mind:

-Make sure you've given enough swap to Ubuntu, it should be around the same amount of ram you have. If possible provide swap on a different drive.

-Keep in mind that with fast-boot enabled in Windows there is less ram available for Ubuntu's kernel, and it can cause issues with Ubuntu. For example on my PC fast-boot prevented my root user from being able to mount and unmount partitions.

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