Ubuntu: Why formatting of pptx files changes in LibreOffice [duplicate]


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I am novice in ubuntu so my question may look very simple but as I am teacher I have to do lot of presentations. Unfortunately my all lectures which were in .pptx file format when opened in LibreOffice of Ubuntu the texts goes hayward up and down and slide looks unorganized. Also windows themes look very basic and unpleasant. So my question is that is there any way to make .pptx files open exactly the way they look in MS office 2007? Your help would be truely appreciated.. Thank you.


Short answer â€" no there isn't, and it will probably never be. The reason is both technical and political (hence e.g. the ongoing open document discussion at EU level), and is far to extensive to cover here. I can say this though: Microsoft's pptx, docx etc is also open standards, but in reality Microsoft is the only one who can make changes to it. You should either:

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