Ubuntu: Why cant I download OpenSUSE With Ubuntu


I recently thought in changing to Linux, putted a disc with Ubuntu in my PC and booted it, then installed Ubuntu and now i want to download OpenSUSE.iso.

The problem is: The download fails and i cant retry because when I try it Ubuntu scans for a split second and then says it failed again. (Using Ubuntu 14.04)


If you have problems with a download that is hanging or being interrupted, you can download the OpenSUSE iso file (or any other file) from the terminal using the built-in wget program. Select a mirror that is both close to you and also seems unlikely to be too slow or interrupted.

Here is how to ensure that you will have a successfully completed download. Open the terminal. Change directories using the cd command to a directory where you can easily find the OpenSUSE iso file after you have downloaded it. For example to change directories to your desktop use the command: cd ~/Desktop/. Next run the following command:

wget -c 'download-link-of-OpenSUSE-iso-file'    

where you replace download-link-of-OpenSUSE-iso-file with the link of the OpenSUSE iso file that you want to download. The -c flag in wget -c will enable the download to continue from the same place it was stopped if it is paused or interrupted. Unless you stop the download manually, it will resume the download automatically from the same place in the file where the download was interrupted. You can even pause the download and continue the download from a different mirror from the same place it was stopped, in case the first mirror that you selected is downloading the file too slowly. For example, if you intend to download the openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso file here is that file's worldwide Mirror List, and you can be sure that some of the mirrors on the list are much faster than others.


Two interesting programs, wget and aria2. Although I would recommend aria2. Aria2 can download a file from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth. Really speeds up your download experience.

  1. Open the terminal: Ctrl+Shift+T

  2. Pick a mirror from this list

  3. Download the file with a download manager:

    • aria2

      Interrupted downloads automatically continue

      Can download a file from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth

      • Install aria2

        sudo apt-get install aria2  


      • Start a download with this command:

        aria2c -x2 http://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/opensuse/distribution/13.2/iso/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso  

        The -x option specified the number of allowed connections, while the -k option specified the size of chunks.

    • wget


      • Start a download with this command:

        wget --continue http://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/opensuse/distribution/13.2/iso/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso  

        from man wget:

        --continue  Continue getting a partially-downloaded file.  This is useful when you want to finish up a download started by a previous instance of Wget, or by another program.  

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